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Meet the team behind Original Outdoor Events
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Richard Prideaux

Lead Challenge Organisation and Race Director

Richard’s passion is for outdoor adventures and he ha spent most of his adult life working as an outdoor instructor, coach, medic and event/race director.

He spends his time climbing, mountain biking, surfing and getting muddy/wet/cold/happy. Often in that order. With a strong sense of adventure, he often chooses slightly more unusual options for his holiday time. Such as spending several nights living in a snowhole on the edge of a Norwegian glacier or snorkelling off the Isle of Skye, catching mussels and cooking them on the beach. If being indoors gets a little too restrictive then he picks up his bivvy bag and heads out into the local woods or hills for a night under the stars.

As well as challenge events and expeditions Richard works in outdoor personal development He is an experienced navigation and leadership instructor, and is involved in the training of Mountain Rescue and Search and Rescue personnel across the country. Richard believes that organisation and safety are key to group management and personal development, using these skills to coach people in the outdoor environment to fully realise their goals.
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Original outdoors

Ann Prideaux

Challenge Organisation and Logistics

Ann’s outdoor experience comes from years of equestrian sports, plus time spent with Cheshire Constabulary and as a trustee of a local Mountain Rescue Team. Having competed in many road races in addition to her equestrian competition, she is well aware of the importance of organisation. She has a lot of experience with the logistics for our own big events and events we run for outside business and charities.
Ann is also a successful author, and her website can be found below.
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Jonny Davies

Medical and Operational Support

Originally from Northern Ireland, Jonathan has always been what he describes as an ‘outdoor person’. After 10 years of management experience, Jonathan decided to embark on a career as a Paramedic and went to Cape Town to train with the fantastic Ronin Protective Services. He qualified as a Paramedic and continued to study until this day, 5 years later. With a BSc (Hons) in Critical Care and ongoing Postgraduate level studies in Anaesthetics, Jonathan is keeping himself busy. Most recently he has started working as an ACP in a busy Emergency Department on a part time basis, with the hope that all of his studying makes him a well rounded advanced level practitioner.

Jonathan is incredibly passionate about providing the appropriate level of care required to safely manage the medical needs of endurance athletes. To provide this high level of care, he believes those providing treatment need to be able to understand what the athletes are going through in their pursuit across 50, 100 and even 350 mile events. Jonathan has completed various endurance events, most recently the Likeys 6633 350 mile Arctic Ultra marathon in Canada. He is a strong believer that to provide the high level of care in rural and challenging terrain, clinicians that specialise in pre-hospital care and know how to look after themselves in adverse conditions are key.

Delivering exciting, safe and memorable events, that’s what we do best.

We create our own events, events for charities, businesses and organisations and help others with their own events.


We are always looking to expand our team of freelance instructors, event safety staff, event support technicians and event volunteers.
If you want to be involved in exciting outdoor events, challenges and races around the UK and beyond then please get in touch!


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